Well…here unfolds the story of my relationship with eBay!

Going back some 10 years, my first encounter with eBay was like most others’; selling used and unwanted items to try and make some money! 

As things went on, I realised that eBay opens up doors for many people and many businesses, in that it puts you on a global platform, helping to locate buyers for the most weird and wonderful products, all around the world!

It’s that realisation that really made me transition from becoming a casual Sunday eBayer, to a committed seller, becoming a Top Rated Power Seller, with 100% feedback. For those who are already involved with eBay, they will recognise the customer service, skill and experience that makes such a reputation. 

Over time, as I’ve seen my friends, competitors and many others set up eBay stores, I have realised that I have learnt the lessons over the last decade, in order to help them drive massive increases in their eBay presence, turnover and performance. This led me to offer my services in a consulting capacity and I now enjoy doing this for businesses from all kinds of backgrounds, locations and markets.

Throughout my website, I hope you will explore my blog posts which provide you with many tips and tricks in order to help you make a substantial amount of money through any eBay store, providing you offer customers the service they want and expect…

Thanks for stopping by and hope to catch up with you again real soon!

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